City of Welland Heritage Advisory Committee:

(formerly Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee - LACAC)


City of Welland Heritage Advisory Committee is a committee of volunteers appointed by Welland City Council under the Ontario Heritage Act.  Our mandate is to advise Council on all matters related to the Act and to properties in the City of Welland that have Cultural Heritage Value which the City may wish to protect from destruction or harmful change by passing a Designation Bylaw as provided for in the Ontario Heritage Act.  This can include houses, buildings, commercial buildings, monuments (i.e. the Welland-Crowland War Memorial, Chippawa Park, a designated property), even landscapes and trees.

Following is a list of some of our responsibilities:

  • To establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of cultural heritage value
  • To prepare and maintain a list of properties and areas worthy of conservation
  • To advise City Council on current heritage conservation legislation
  • To assist City Council in the preparation of municipal legislation to conserve heritage properties and areas
  • To implement programs and activities to increase public awareness and knowledge of heritage conservation issues
  • To advise and assist City Council on all matters relating to Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • To advise and assist City Council on any other matters relating to buildings and areas of cultural heritage significance
  • To help administer properties acquired by the municipality under Section 36 of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • To consult with such persons, groups or organizations as it deems appropriate, such as the Welland Historical Society and/or the Welland Heritage Council
  • To organize and host Heritage Designation ceremonies for properties that meet the criteria set out by this committee and are designated by the municipality under the Ontario Heritage Act

City of Welland Heritage Advisory Committee takes great pride in announcing that 2006 is its Silver Anniversary year!  For 25 years this organization has been working tirelessly to preserve heritage properties in the City of Welland.  Its mandate is clear, and its members are focused, knowledgeable and passionate about preservation and recognition for some of the region’s most notable structures.

This committee is integral to the beautification and preservation of the City of Welland.  By preserving the past it hopes to entice future generations to share in Welland’s wealth of historical properties and their significant contribution to the development of the Niagara Peninsula.