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Welcome to the Welland Fire & Emergency Services web page. I hope you enjoy this brief "snapshot" of what we do!

The men and women of the Welland fire department are dedicated professionals whose mission is to protect the residents, employers, and visitors of the City of Welland from the consequences of fires and other emergencies. This mission encompasses the "Three Lines of Defense" which are

  • Education
  • Enforcement and development of fire safety codes
  • Emergency Response

Education includes a comprehensive program of fire safety education aimed in particular at fire safety in the home. Most fatalities and fire injuries occur in the home and most of these are preventable through common sense and good practices. By contacting children and adults in the schools, at malls, through the media, and at other community events we attempt to get this message out to our citizens.

Enforcement means the development of good building and maintenance practices that are Engineered into the Ontario Fire Code and local By-Laws. These are Enforced by our fire safety inspectors. Our preferred method is to educate building owners and operators in how to meet the fire safety requirements of the Law. Usually, this approach is very effective since most owners and operators want to have safe premises. However where necessary, Provincial Legislation permits taking judicial action against offenders who will not voluntarily improve their property. This action could result in substantial fines and other sanctions.

Emergency response is our most noticeable mission, and includes response to fires, motor vehicle collisions, boating accidents, industrial accidents, hazardous materials spills, and many other emergencies that might occur in this city. Fire trucks in various sizes and with various missions are manned by our career and volunteer firefighters and can and do respond day and night whenever we are called.

Please have a look at the rest of our web page and you will see many of the things that we do for you! Take care every day. Fire safety is within your hands.

Fire Chief Denys Prevost

Welland Fire and Emergency Services
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Welland, ON
L3B 3L1
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