Firefighter Recruitments:


Career Firefighter Recruitment

Welland Fire & Emergency Service has 48 Firefighters assigned to the Fire Suppression Division. For recruitment purposes, an active list of eligible candidates is maintained by the Welland Fire & Emergency Services.



Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Volunteer Firefighters Recruitment Closed on November 12, 2013


Welland Volunteer Firefighters support and assist the Career Firefighter with fire suppression related activities when required.

The Department endeavours to maintain an active force of between 60 and 70 Volunteer Firefighters. The actual number fluctuates depending upon attrition and recruitment. Recruitment occurs annually or every 2 years depending on need.

Volunteer firefighters in Welland are not paid; however, they do receive an allowance for expenses associated with being an active Volunteer, they also enjoy the benefit of accident, health and sickness insurance and other protections.  There are no “social-club only” volunteer firefighters.  Volunteers will be responsible for operating pumpers from fire stations located on Rose Avenue and Schisler Road.

To become a Volunteer Firefighter in Welland, there has to be an active recruitment process in effect. Advertisements will be placed in the local newspapers and there will be a notice on this website when we are actively recruiting. This typically occurs in the new year. Usually an open orientation session is noted in the newspaper ad where applicants can attend and receive more information and ask questions.

Application and selection is a multi-step process. The steps are described in brief below. An applicant must be successful in each step before he can progress to the next step.

  1. Application form completion and submission by candidates. Application forms will be made available during the next recruitment.   Only permanent residents of the City of Welland are eligible to be volunteer firefighters.
  2. Aptitude Test:  A written test intended to determine your written comprehension, mathematical and mechanical ability, and ability to think clearly. A maximum of 90 minutes will be provided to complete the test.
  3. Claustrophobia and Acrophobia tests:  Although the tests will be conducted as safely as possible, applicants will be required to sign a waiver of liability acknowledging that they are physically fit to conduct the test and that they accept any risk of injury incurred during the test.
    1. Confidence with heights - Climb to the top of an erected 30 meter aerial ladder, pause for 1 minute at the top and then descend, within an overall time limit.
    2. Confined space confidence - With a blacked-out mask over the face and while wearing a 14 kilogram supplied air respirator, candidate will navigate by feel through a 40 meter obstacle course, within an overall time limit.
  4. Personal Interview: In front of an evaluation board.
  5. Reference Checks:   The names and contact information of 3 personal references must be provided at the interview.
  6. Candidates who successfully proceed through all screening steps will be ranked according to their test and evaluation scores. Conditional offers of membership in the fire department will be made to candidates according to their ranking and according to the number of vacancies at the appropriate fire company. There will not necessarily be sufficient vacancies for all ranked candidates.

  7. Candidate Physical Ability Testing – CPAT:   Candidates receiving conditional offers of membership will be required to successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test. This testing will be conducted by at a site to be announced on a specified date and time. Candidates will also be responsible for all fees associated with the testing.
  8. Candidates receiving conditional offers of membership will also be required to provide within 30 days of receiving the offer:
    1. a criminal record clearance from the NRPS. (scheduling for this will be coordinated through the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief )
    2. an abstract of your driver’s record through the Ministry of Transportation. (this will be conducted through the City’s Human Resources Department).
  9. Candidates who have successfully progressed through all 7 steps will be directed to attend a recruit training school that will be held on some weekends and evenings soon after hiring. This school is approximately 40 hours in length and will cover off some basic skills and knowledge needed by new recruits.
  10. Recruits will then be assigned to their volunteer fire company where they will receive many hours of training and experience during their probationary year. Regular evaluations will be conducted as we track the recruit’s progress. A failure to progress as expected could result in being dismissed.
  11. Over a period of several years new firefighters will have the opportunity to acquire additional skills and knowledge as they progress through the various skill levels as a volunteer firefighter in Welland!!


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