City of Welland Rose:


November 20, 1989

A plan was delivered to the City of Welland, to adopt a rose as its own officialPicture of the City of Welland Rose rose.  The suggestion was a dream of Wayne Rohaly, Gord Rendell and the late Joe Mocsan.
They felt it was time that Welland, long known as "The Rose City", should choose a rose as their own.

December 5, 1989

The City's Council endorsed the proposal to adopt an "Official Rose". The following people were appointed to the rose selection committee: Wayne Rohaly, Gord Rendell, Joe Mocsan and Peter Boyce.

August 1, 1991

At the Tourism of Welland Committee meeting, Joe Mocsan informed the committee that the Rose Selection Committee had found a suitable rose to be the City of Welland Rose.
The rose that had been selected was #K0802647.  This rose is yellow, red and orange and the selection committee believed this blend was appropriate for Welland's blend of cultures.
This flower blooms from June to October and will survive the winter. The Sheridan Nurseries in Georgetown had exclusive rights over this rose.
The Tourism of Welland Committee approved the rose.
Picture Welland Rose 2

August 13, 1991

The City of Welland Council passed the resolution to adopt Rose #K0802647 as Welland's Official Rose, it will be named "THE CITY OF WELLAND ROSE".  The city then ordered 1000 bushes for 1993.

The first four bushes were given to Joe Mocsan, Gord Rendell, Peter Boyce and Wayne Rohaly, the members of the rose selection committee, in appreciation for their efforts.

September 8th, 1992

the City Council approved the sale of the "City Of Welland Rose" under the direction of Mr. Mocsan, Co-Chairman of the Rose Festival Rose Show. The Revenue from the first years' sales was to go to the 1993 Rose Festival.
Picture Welland Rose by Thies Bogner
photo by Thies Bogner
Picture Welland Rose 4

"City of Welland Rose"

The Rose is a 
beautiful blend of colors: 
yellow, red and orange