City of Welland Crest and Flag:


Our City Crest colours are: Yellow, Red and Light Navy Blue

The lion, as a symbol of strength and leadership, is presented in red on a yellow shield.

The scroll, directly beneath the shield, is yellow with the Motto "Where Rails and Water Meet" printed thereon in black lettering.

A ship flanking each side of the shield, representing the word "Water" in the Motto, is yellow with the lower part of the hull shown in red.

A train, resting at the top of the shield, depicting the word "Rails" in the Motto, is shown in yellow with black markings.

The words "Corporation of Welland" both above and below the shield and scroll, are depicted in light navy blue.


Over the years the City Crest colors were modified.

The "Corporation of Welland" was changed to the color yellow so it would show on our flag and pins. A blue background shield was added to our Crest for our pins and was incorporated as our city logo.


Our City Flag: is Blue, Yellow, Red and Black

In August, 2002 a By-law to adopt a Bilingual Flag for the Corporation of the City of Welland was passed.