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Welland Community Profile (Entire document)
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Community Profile - Sections:

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This profile contains information and statistics about the City of Welland, Ontario, Canada, that we hope is useful to those involved in making a location decision or seeking general information.

Welland is a component community within the Regional Municipality of Niagara in the Province of Ontario. The City is governed by a twelve member council and Mayor. The administration of the City is under the direction of a City Manager who reports to the Mayor and Council.

The City is responsible for revenue collection, local planning, local economic development, building permits, local water and sewer mains, local streets, fire protection, parks and recreation, and public cemeteries. The Regional government is responsible for regional planning, regional economic development, water and sewage treatment, major water and sewer mains, solid waste, police, major roads and social services.

The ensuing pages present services provided for the City and the demographic characteristics of its people

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Basic Information
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The following information presents an overview of the City’s geographic and climatic characteristics, real estate statistics and its major employers.

Welland lies in the Southeastern corner of the province between the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario in the Niagara Peninsula fruit belt. The climate is moderated by the Great Lakes; mild without extremes in temperature or precipitation throughout the year.

The City’s residential, commercial and industrial land and building prices are quite competitive in comparison with other Ontario communities. Large treed residential lots and serviced commercial and industrial properties are available at reasonable costs

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The City’s population characteristics, including: age, gender, and mother tongues, are presented in the following pages. The characteristics have also been categorized according to households and neighbourhoods. A general trend for the Regional Municipality of Niagara has been a steady population growth, which is expected to continue, as illustrated by the included population forecast.

The information also illustrates Welland’s population by language. There is a diverse ethnic mix,including a significant French-Canadian population. Educational achievement and housing style statistics are also presented.

These statistics were gathered from the Statistics Canada 2006 and 2011 Census

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Labour Force
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This section describes labour force characteristics for the City of Welland and the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Statistics included in this section: number of persons employed, unemployment rates, educational attainment, occupations, employment insurance claims and payouts, and number of persons receiving social assistance.

The City of Welland lies in the centre of the Region, which provides easy commuting to and from all corners of the Region via excellent highways.

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The following section illustrates the City’s income range by: category, gender and source of income. Comparisons between Welland and other Ontario and Canadian cities are made.

In addition to income statistics, estimates of the average household expenditures for 2010 and 2011, an income overview, and per capita income are given for Welland.

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Retail Activity
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With an abundance of shopping facilities, Welland offers shoppers a wide variety and great selection to meet their shopping needs! Following is the information of the local major retail stores and shopping malls in Welland

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Health and Safety
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The Welland Hospital Site of the Niagara Health System provides many services to the citizens of Welland and surrounding communities. The 900 employees at the hospital work hard to meet the health care needs of their patients. In-patient and out-patient health care information is included.

The New Niagara Emergency Services enhance the health care in the Regional Municipality of Niagara by providing an ambulance service to the residents of its communities.

The issue of safety in Welland is one well - recognized and attended to. The Niagara Regional Police, Number 33 Division, is located in Welland. The Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police also patrol areas in the City and Regional Municipality of Niagara. The Welland Fire Department, with five local fire stations, enforces the safety of the citizens of Welland.

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Parents and students have many choices when it comes to education. The four school boards which operate schools in Welland provide for a variety of options including French or English language curriculums and Catholic or Public schools.

Post secondary institutions local to Welland include Niagara College, and Brock University. There are also a variety of trade and skill schools for adults looking to further their education and become skilled in a specific field or trade.

This section presents information regarding local day cares/nursery schools, locations and principals for all elementary and secondary schools in Welland, enrollments for the four school boards, program listings and enrollment numbers for the post secondary institutions, and a list of skill and trade schools in Welland

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Transportation modes discussed in this section include: bus, rail, water and air. Welland is served by a primary provincial highway, the King’s Highway 406, a freeway linked to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) freeway. The QEW links Toronto and the Peace Bridge, which serves as a border between the United States and Canada. Welland is also served by two lesser volume highways, the King’s Highways 58 and 140, and several regional arterial highways that link the City with other Regional centres

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The telecommunications infrastructure in Welland is provided by several companies, some of which provide business and public sector organizations with a new choice of data communication services.

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This section presents utility services available to households and businesses in Welland and the Niagara Region. Information regarding water supply to the City, water rates, locations, and contact numbers for natural gas and hydro electricity companies are included in this section.

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Building Activity
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The number, types and value of permits issued for 2015 is represented in the following section.

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Recreation and Culture
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The City of Welland prides itself on the availability of facilities and leisure activities offered to families and individuals visiting and/or living in this community. Additionally, outdoor recreation is available in the hundreds of hectares/acres of city parks, sports fields, and recreational facilities found throughout the city. Nearby, abundant water recreation activities may be enjoyed on the Welland Recreational Canal and the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario.

A discussion of the facilities, sports venues, special events that occur during the year, and information about community parks and highlights about a few of the local tourist and visitor attractions are included in this section.

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Review of Employment Trends 2016
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The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the employment trends in Welland. The data provided summarizes the findings gathered while updating the Welland Business Directory. This process involved the collection of employment data from individual companies in the City of Welland.

This report will examine changes in data for the 2015 and 2016 Business Directories. Changes within existing businesses, new business openings, and business closures/relocations were examined. The net change of firms and employees, comparisons of employee numbers for the largest employers in Welland, data for the largest manufacturing employers, and employment statistics for Non-Profit and Sports Clubs and Organizations are presented. This report concludes with a summary of employee totals and firm numbers for each sector in the City of Welland.

Over the course of one year, fluctuations occurred within some employment categories; however, these fluctuations are a regular occurrence and do not necessarily denote a trend.


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