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  • Subdivision Status Report (730kb ~ pdf)
    - The Semi-Annual Status Report provides the status of residential development (existing and proposed) and vacant lot inventory in the City of Welland as of June 30, 2016.


Commercial Strategy


Northwest Planning and Servicing Study

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  • Study (20mb ~ pdf) - June 2008
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Land Use Studies




Commercial Strategy

The preparation of a Commercial Strategy for the City was initiated in 2007.  This Study is to provide input to the commercial components of the new Official Plan by recommending Commercial Land Use Policies and Designations for the City through the identification of planning issues arising from the analyses of information gathered as part of the Study.

The Strategy is to examine the current and potential future trends, patterns, needs and locational criteria of the retail industry in the Region of Niagara and in the City of Welland.  The effect of socio-demographic characteristics on retail trends is to be identified.  In addition, the role of commercial areas in mixed use intensification and the opportunities for such development in Welland are to be examined.  As well, the role of commercial areas in certain industrially designated locations is to be analyzed.

The Strategy is to evaluate the supply and demand of retail/service commercial space across the City.  It will include the compilation of inventories of retail/service space (vacant and occupied as well as vacant designated commercial lands).  These inventories will enable the retail and service commercial space needs of the current and projected population of the City to be determined, as well as permit an examination of the supply and demand over the entire City as well as in specific areas.  Finally, issues and opportunities regarding the location, scale and amount of retail and service commercial space will be identified so that an optimum retail development structure can be established.

To these ends, the City retained Dillon Consulting and W. Scott Morgan and Associates to prepare the City’s Commercial Strategy.  On April 8, 2008, representatives of these firms presented to Council key findings regarding retail commercial systems in the City.  Subsequent to this presentation The Regional Commercial Systems Study (7 Mb PDF) has been released. A final report regarding this study was presented to and adopted by Council on June 10, 2008.  The Commercial Strategy Study: Policy Directions Report, November 2008, which includes Official Plan policy recommendations, was adopted by Council on December 9th, 2008. The policies put forth through this process will be subject to public input in 2009.


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Northwest Planning and Servicing Study

The City of Welland has completed a Study to review planning and servicing issues related to existing and potential development within the northwest area of the City.  The Northwest Planning and Servicing Study focuses on the development of infrastructure systems for water, wastewater, roads and stormwater management.  Other major components of the Study include a review of the Provincial Policy Statement and Regional Policy Plan, and environmental investigations to identify and protect significant natural features.  This Study contains conclusions/recommendations for servicing of existing and potential development within the Study Area.

The Northwest Area Planning and Servicing Study has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of a Schedule "B" master plan project as defined in the Municipal Engineers' Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Document (October 2000, as amended in 2007). The Class EA Process included public and review agency consultation, an assessment of the impacts of the proposed improvements, and identification of measures to mitigate any adverse impacts.

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