Downtown Incentive Program - Application/Process


To find out More, contact:

The City of Welland
Integrated Services
Planning Division
60 East Main Street
Welland, Ontario L3B 3X4

Telephone: (905) 735-1700 Extension 2251 or 2257
Fax: (905) 735-8772



Submission Requirements:

It is strongly recommended that all applicants carefully review the “City of Welland Downtown Improvement Incentive Program Objectives, Eligibility Requirements and Terms & Conditions” prior to completing an application for a City of Welland Downtown Improvement Incentive Program.

It is also recommended that applicants discuss their proposed improvements and any questions regarding the submission requirements with Integrated Services - Planning Division prior to completing the application form.

Please ensure that the following items have been included in your submission. Failure to provide the necessary documentation will delay the processing of your application.

Application checklist:

  • Copy of deed included 
  • Copy of mortgage (if applicable) included
  • Copy of PIN sheet (obtained from Registry Office)
  • Description of Proposed Improvements – Designs/drawings attached
  • Pictures attached
  • Estimate of Costs/Quotes or other details
  • Signature of owner/authorized agent
  • Application complete
  • If applying for the Façade Restoration and Improvement Loan Program are improvements in compliance with the City Façade Improvement Manual and Urban Design Plan?







                  Ext. 2251 or 2257

or email: devserv@welland.ca